Global Prep Class - Open Water and Rec 1

Global Prep Class - Open Water and Rec 1

Global Prep Class - Open Water and Rec 1

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Open Water Diver / Recreational 1 Global Prep Class

Your Open Water Diver Global Prep Class is here specifically to boost the value you get out of your course, by giving you an even stronger foundation to work with - all before the course even starts!


You will find during your actual course that the Prep Class gives you a basic insight, hands-on understanding, and detail knowledge.


Your Prep Class strengthens you, and gives you the overview to ask more detailed questions, focus more on any specific development points that you might have, better your technique, or just make the course more comfortable and fun.


By the time your instructor takes you through your dive education, you will already have a foundation to relate it all to.


This Prep Class is an optional addition to your Open Water Diver-course, and one you won’t regret!


As a UTD Open Water Diver, you will be trained on principles and findings that are made by divers, for divers. Your equipment, theoretical understanding and practical training, will all be 100% consistent, scalable and applicable;


That means you will be trained to handle the challenges that otherwise vex divers, and you will be able to progress to whichever level of diving you want, without having to re-learn or replace your equipment.


The benefits in safety, ease, comfort and fun for you as a diver, cannot be exaggerated.


This Prep Class covers the following topics:

  • Introduction

  • Equipment

  • Trim and Buoyancy

  • Optimal Propulsion techniques

  • Fundamental exercises and “dry-runs”

  • Unconscious diver recovery

  • Proper weighting

  • Ratio Deco and Rock Bottom-principles

  • Introduction to nitrox

  • Introduction to drysuits


UTD is a market leading training agency, and we take pride in training the most confident, safe and capable divers in the world!


This Prep Class can be purchased directly or activated with a UTD Prep Class gift card.


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