Underwater Video and Photo Storytelling

Underwater Video and Photo Storytelling

Underwater Video and Photo Storytelling

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Over the past 10+ years internet distribution of online video has given everyone an outlet for their films. UTD's Underwater Video and Photo Storytelling class take personal film production to the next level. UTD co-founder Jeff Seckendorf spent three decades in the film industry before starting Unified Team Diving. Jeff photographed and directed over 1000 TV commercials, and dozens of movies, music videos, and documentaries. 

Telling a story with a camera, either on video or stills, is a combination of art and craft. This course teaches both. Six online chapters take you through the photography and production process:

  • Chapter 1 – Storytelling
  • Chapter 2 – Composition, Lenses, and Depth of Field
  • Chapter 3 – Color, Contrast, and Exposure
  • Chapter 4 – Cameras and Video
  • Chapter 5 – Production
  • Chapter 6 – Post Production and Editing

Never losing sight of the fact that visual storytelling is an art, each chapter address the technical aspects of making great video or stills while keeping to the goal of clear and conciese storytelling.

Whether you are making a 2-hour documentary, a 5-minute video for YouTube, or a coffee table book of still photographs, this class will broaden your vision and refine your technical skills.

Although the course materials stand on their own as an online photograhy or video course, they are most powerful when used as a guide during our live Underwater Video and Photo Storytelling class.

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