Annual Dive Review

Annual Dive Review

Annual Dive Review

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  The number one cause of diving injuries and accidents is lack of skill.

The number one cause of lack of skill is lack of recurrent training.

You can become part of the solution by participating in Unified Team Diving’s ADR program.
The Program

The Annual Dive Review is an academic program followed by one day of diving. 

The program includes UTD’s online classroom and an in-water skills review with a UTD instructor or Divemaster. You can participate in an ADR up to your highest level of training.

Want to review your rescue skills? Take a Rescue ADR. Want an academic review of Nitrox? Take just the classroom portion of a Nitrox ADR. Haven’t been deep in a while? Take a Tech 2 ADR.

UTD recommends at least two ADR’s per year. This is a fun and efficient way to keep your skills high, expose you to the most current academic information through our on-line classroom, and refine your dive skills with a UTD instructor.


Class registration and course materials fee for any ADR up to your highest level of training, includes access to on-line classroom and a printed certificate of completion, includes UTD annual membership, or membership renewal, $99.*

* Not including instructor fee.


You must be a certified diver from a recognized Scuba Certification Agency trained and certified at the level of your Annual Dive Review or higher.

Course Limits

Same as the UTD class which corresponds to the specific ADR.

Why Should I Take an ADR?
The Unified Team Diving Annual Dive Review is designed as an organized, structured way to currency in diving. Anyone who has not been in the water for long enough to feel even the slightest bit uncomfortable should have their skills reviewed with an instructor. At a minimum, every diver should spend some time with an instructor at least once each year.

With an ADR, you can choose the level of review you would like, then participate in the UTD online classroom for that class before you see your instructor. You will then do a day of diving at the level of your ADR – if you are a Tech 2 diver taking a Tech 2 ADR, you will do a Tech 2 dive.

On the other hand, if you are a Rec 3 diver but want a Nitrox review, you can take a Nitrox ADR or Rec 2 ADR. You will be able to complete all the academics for that class then dive to that level.

And if you are a certified diver who has never taken a UTD class, you can use the ADR as a way to try out the Unified Team Diving learning system. You will have full access to the materials for your specific class and will dive with a UTD instructor at the level of your Annual Dive Review.

Getting Started
  • Register Online.
  • Complete the Online Knowledge Base course for the ADR your are enrolling in.
  • Contact a UTD Instructor to arrange the in-water session of your Annual Dive Review.

Guidelines and Equipment Requirements

Guidelines and equipment requirements for each ADR are the same as for the UTD class which corresponds to that particular ADR. Those guidelines and equipment requirements can be found in the Class Description section of the website.



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