3-330 Technical 3 Diver

3-330 Technical 3 Diver

3-330 Technical 3 Diver

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Technical 3 Diver

The Technical 3 class is the third step in the diver’s pursuit for completing the full range of “Technical Diver” and is designed to further extend the range the student achieved in Technical 2. Students will continue to refine their skills including the use of double bottles and multiple deco bottles and will add the use of multiple bottom stages while becoming familiar with the failures associated with them. 

This mastery level class reviews and refines skills learned in the Technical 2 . The curriculum is designed to transform two deco bottle technical divers into multi stage/deco technical divers (3 or more deco/stage bottles), completing the tool box required for dives in the 200'-250' range. The addition of a bottom stage greatly increases the safety in terms of gas reserves, and also increases the flexibility for dive planning. Stages can be added by completing a stage endorsement with the course. At the same time, it increases task loading exponentially, and greatly increases the need for proficient and expedient bottle handling. Course participants will gain experience working with a variety of different gas mixtures for use as bottom mix and bottom stage and decompression gases. This information culminates in a true understanding of “best gas” selection in the 10 fsw (3m) to 250 fsw (75m) range.

Upon successful completion of the Technical 3 class the student will receive qualifications which allow the use of Hypoxic Helium mixes to 12/60 and Nitrox decompression mixes up to and including 100% Oxygen to a training depth of 250 feet/75 meters. Student are certified to use a maximum of three (3) decompression bottles and one (1) stage bottle if student has the stage endorsement. 


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